Video Game: Xbox One: Destiny 1 vs Destiny 2: Enjoyment

I’ve never gotten into the first person shooters, before Destiny (the game) they’ve made me cringe. The premise tends to fall too close reality for me. I can’t have fun and laugh with something like Call of Duty or Halo, sure, they have good stories, but I can’t immerse myself in them.
Destiny, the game, is a first person shooter game that takes place in a future where humans have colonized other planets, civilization has been all but wiped out, & your characters have magic abilities (depending on their class – warlock, titan, or hunter). At the beginning of the game, you are brought back to life – after being dead for a really long time. You learn about how the world works, unlock abilities (granted to you by “the traveler,” again, these depend on your class) & set out to keep the last city safe and power up to beat the big bad (run the raid – the hardest end game activity that requires top light level, good gear, great coordination, & team work).
I didn’t get into Destiny straight away. My partner played the beta when it came out in 2013,  I got into it in the fall of 2013 – I gave the game a shot because my partner would stay up for most of the night to play with his friends. I figured, if there was something he was into this much, it was worth looking into. I found myself enjoying the game quickly & started to run the game with a friend of mine from high school.
 As much as my partner, my partner’s friends, and I played Destiny, it was nothing compared to my friend from high school. See, my friend from high school was not only running Destiny with 3 characters on Xbox One (one of each class), he was also running Destiny with 3 characters on PS4. So, while the rest of us, each, had 3 characters kept at top light level, he had 6. I’d call this dedication. Eventually, after the second DLC, he stopped splitting time between consoles and focused on the charterers on the Xbox One.
My friend from high school, my partner, & I, are obviously on different gaming levels. I am the worst in the bunch, though I could eventually run nightfall by myself. Nightfall is a difficult end game activity that is meant to be played in a group of 3 (what is called your fire team- thought a military fire team is 5). The measuring stick I use has 6 characters at top light level on two systems as a “10” and being able to run nightfall by yourself as a “0.” So, by my definition, I am a 0.
Destiny is a game that inspires you to dedicate time into it. As much as we would complain, we would continue to play. As bad as I was in the beginning, I continued to play and improve. Running a strike with someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, is bad at playing, & or has a slow reaction rate can be infuriating. When you’re playing for loot, you don’t want to call the time wasted. In any case, though Destiny was repetitive and a grind, some of that was the most fun I have ever had. I’d recommend taking a look.
A few weeks ago, Destiny 2, the game, came out. I like it, but I don’t dedicate as much time to it as I did to Destiny. I only have a warlock, with the 3 subclasses unlocked, exotic gear, an exotic ship, & two exotic emotes. Part of the motivation is gone. An example of lost drive, is that no one I know has started on a second character yet. I remember part of the reason I ran 3 characters was because I wanted to get loot and run the same content with different abilities to see what worked best (titan has slow speed, but is basically a tank, hunter is fast & has a knife, the warlock is basically a sith lord) in the same scenarios.
I can honestly say that I have enjoyed playing, though I can’t run nightfall. I got used to being able to solo nightfall, sure it would take a while, and sometimes it was more enjoyable to play in a team with friends, but I enjoyed being able to do stuff on my own. There is a likelihood that I may not get to run this raid – since I can’t get through nightfall on my own. Team coordination is needed, calculation is needed, & even my high school friend only has one character.
Maybe we’re getting older, but maybe we set our expectations too high. For now, there is only 1 strike play list, and though the maps are many – and remind me of Fallout 4 – the fast travel makes it easy to skip over the map, diminishing content enjoyment and making it a bit pointless to explore (though I will be exploring). Pokémon, for example, gives you Fly towards the end of the game – by this point you have explored just about everything – and you appreciate it. It’s useful to get from A to F and back to A in 5 minutes. Maybe Destiny 2 will get better with time. For now, I’m going to create a hunter and see how it goes. Maybe I’ll get back into the Destiny flow.


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