Streaming Service: New Convention: Fear & I: Crunchyroll & Overcoming Fear

A few years ago, I was in a car accident on the freeway. The accident made me weary of driving on the freeway. My love of Anime and Crunchyroll motivated me to push past my fear and drive to Santa Clara. The moral support of Heather, my friend, helped get me through it (& she taught me many road trip tips).

This was Crunchyroll’s first ever convention. I think the convention was well organized, considering this was their first time. I found the whole trip wonderful & was lucky to spend time with wonderful people. The best part was that I was able to walk around (so glad to be mobile again!).

I am glad I was able to attend. For a long while I was afraid my mobility wouldn’t be back enough for the trip, but the doctors have helped me recover. I am so happy. Not at 100% yet, but recovery is coming along. Thank you to everyone.

I had an easier time driving back to Los Angeles and even let Heather take the wheel. I napped for most of the time she was driving and trusted her implicitly. I am thankful she went with me. She dropped everything to go. She didn’t know what Crunchyroll was, but still, she went. I am glad to have her for a friend. We got lost a couple of times, but she made sure we got back on the right path (the misadventure sequences lasted a total of 20 minutes of our trip up to Santa Clara). Thank you for being such a good friend, Heather. Thank you Crunchyroll, for having a convention.

NOTE: My lack of mobility and car accident are unrelated. But, you know, one bad experience can sometimes follow you through life until you confront it.

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