Published on: Jul 9 at 7:00pm

The summer season began earlier this month, much to my delight. There are a few shows that seem interesting. Top on the list is the show Knight’s and Magic. This show deals with reality, parallel worlds, & reincarnation.

This show is perfect for those who like fantasy, magic, the middle ages, mechas, & assertive male protagonists.

What do I like? The protagonist is a precocious and intelligent white haired, assertive male, who is guided by his own moral compass, is fearless, & doesn’t have difficulty forming friendships. That’s it. That is the show. The world has a set of laws and the protagonist basically does things because “why not?” His cute factor helps. Sure, he jumps in blind, but it isn’t annoying (like Ash from Pokemon, or Tai from Digimon, or Rin Okuma from Blue Exorcist). He jumps in blind because he reincarnated into another world and remembers his past life in modern day Earth. He has no fear of death. It helps that he isn’t a “chosen one” though. He doesn’t do things out of any type of obligation.

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