Music: New Club in Los Angeles: Electro: Chaos

Posted on Patreon: Jul 20 at 5:00pm
Club Chaos is an alternative music club that opened on 7·18·17. The club plays Witch House +, because they like their music dark. This was an opening about 4 years in the making. CTRL, one of the people behind Chaos, moved down to OC for a few years & the the pause button was pressed on Chaos. CTRL moved back to LA a few months ago, & here, now, is Chaos. Chaos is a collective.

The club features music that is Dark Electro, Dark Step, Darkcore, Dark Cabaret, Dark Wave, Dark Ambient, Dark Folk, Dark Psytrance, Dark EBM, Dark Techno. This is not a club to be pigeonholed as goth or industrial. There is more to dark electro than just industrial & it is delightful that there is now a club that showcased this in L.A.

Chaos opened with the play mix of DJI. DJI wore 3 layers of clothing and a mask. The gender and physical form of the conduit of distribution don’t matter, according to DJI because “I am not the artist who created the music.”

“This music makes me happy & I want others to feel happy as well.” -DJI

DJI’s set list bellow: † BLΔCK WRIST †: ȻHΔΘ$ {Witch House}

APOLLYON’S VISAGE: Drugged at the Death Rave (MONOMORTE version) {Witch House}

Nyan King Plague: Ave Plague {Witch House} GLASS TEETH: Girlz {Witch House}

Ritualz: Baba Vanga {Witch House} Kyle Richards: untitled track* {Dark Techno}

Terra4Beat: Sorry Mate, It’s Dark {Dark Techno}

Thorax: Dark Angel (Korsakoff version)** {Dark Hardstyle}

Endymion: Abduction {Dark Hardstyle}

Aphex Twin: Come to Daddy {Dark Techno}

Holod: Amsterdam {Dark Techno}

Divineᅚ: WXTCH*** {Witch House}

SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS: Night Grave {Witch House}

Chaos Facebook:


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