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Aberrant Behavior is the name of the new electro duo of Adora Batbrat & Benjamin Plague who have an ep scheduled for an October release. Mr. Plague & Ms. Batbrat hope to play at clubs as soon as their EP comes out. Their music is meant to make the listener feel upset, disgusted, & horny. Song lyrics include controversial topics such as politics, religion, & sex – yum!

They met at the 2016 Amphi festival in Cologne, Germany over shots. The Amphi festival is a two day festival that has a focus on alternative, electronic, & dark music that started in 2005 (this year it starts tomorrow, Saturday 7-22-2017). Ms. Batbrat suggested the colab some time after last year’s festival, over messenger, “We look so good together. We should start a band[,]” and they did.

Graphics & music are done by Mr. Plague, while vocals & lyrics are done by Ms. Batbrat. The duo have previous, separate, music projects. Asperger Synthdrome is Ms. Batbrat’s electro passion project( the project’s name is meant to helping raise awareness about girls with Asperger’s Syndrome) that raises awareness about different relatable issues. Mr. Plague’s previous project is a melancholy electro solo one, focusing on human frailty.

I have been a fan of Ms. Batbrat for many years. I am very thankful and happy that she granted me an interview. She is a very well rounded person and she inspires me. The more I find out about Mr. Plague the more I dig him. I am sure that if you will love them too.

Aberrant Behavior’s promo shots (in included in this post) were taken by Ana Isabel Fontes Correia.

Disorder by Aberrant Behavior:


Oddly Fluid by Benjamin’s Plague


You Can’t Be Me by Chaos All Stars & Asperger Synthdrome


Aberrant Behaviour’s Facebook Impressum:

Aberrant Behavior is the project of Swedish Goth Queen and icon Adora BatBrat and talented musician and pretty boy Benjamin’sPlague from the Netherlands. The idea of the band is sleazy, sexy well produced loud synth music combined with obscene, twisted, over the top perverse lyrics. Aberrant Behavior will bring you a good dose of dominant electronic music, forcing you to submit to the beat.


Buy music By Abberant Behavior here:


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