Micah the Magician, A Treasure that Breathes

Micah the Magician was introduced to magic at the age of 8. His grandfather gave him a magic book for his birthday and he was instantly hooked.
His first variation on a magic trick – something that made a trick unique to him – was “The Name of Your Card Is…”  the Spectator chooses a card, and the Magician, without seeing it, announces a random name.  The Magician then proceeds to demonstrate to the confused Spectator that written on the back of every playing card in this deck, is a different name.  Sure enough, their chosen card has the announced name written on the back.  Micah realized that it would be a much stronger routine if the SPECTATOR’S name were on the back of the chosen card.  This was the beginning of his personal approach to magic – that the magic should be ABOUT the Spectator, not just performed TO the Spectator.  Even better, the Spectator BECOMES the Magician. This realization was the beginning on a journey to find and perform magic where the Spectator becomes the Magician.  That journey led to his signature finale close-up effect, Real Magic, where the Spectator IS the Magician. Micah’s work in this area is published, thanks to the lovely people at The Magic Apple in Studio City. This publication made it into the Library of the Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle, not a simple feat.  This is Micah’s first contribution to Magic that will help him live on, past death.
Micah is a member at the Magic Castle. Incredibly enough, Micah’s childhood hero, Ice McDonald, was the deciding vote at his Magic Castle Audition.  Micah first heard about The Magic Castle when he was a child growing up on the east coast, from his father. His father had a temporary work contract in LA. While in Los Angeles, his father purchased a souvenir Magic Castle deck for little Micah – little Micah, with a souvenir Magic Castle deck I hand, couldn’t believe that a place like the Magic Castle could possibly exist.
Micah’s ties with the Magic Castle (also known as “the Castle”) have grown from the souvenir deck he received as a child. This November marks the 13th year he hosts The Night of the Raven, his creation, at the Magic Castle. The Night of the Raven is a night of magic, with variety acts honoring the mysterious work, life, and death of Edgar Allan Poe. Edgar Allan Poe is the Godfather of Gothic Horror and the creator of the Detective Story.  This would fascinate anyone who is into the mysterious, as a magician, Micah is, in essence, Poe’s target audience.

There’s a theater in the Castle used for impromptu shows, a place where members may entertain their guests.  This is the space Micah asked the Castle if he could use for a night – they said yes. It’s the same theater where The Night of the Raven will be this year. At first, the Castle didn’t officially acknowledge the show, then one year they approached Micah with a request and an interest in promoting the show.  Since then, the Castle has continued to let Micah produce it, while they help promote it.
Charly Gineau, with her band/creation Many of Odd Nature & actor Duffy Hudson (as Edgar Allan Poe) are the two artists who have performed in the show more than any others – ironically, neither of them are magic acts (though Duffy has become an accomplished magician in his own right). Each show ends with Micah’s performance of The Raven, where he recites an abridged version of the poem, due to time constraints, while escaping from a straight jacket.
The Raven is – and with good reason – arguably the most mysterious poem ever written, which appeals to the magician in Micah.  An interesting interpretation that most people miss, Micah misses it as well, at first, is that the narrator is a magician himself – or specifically, someone who is dabbling in the occult.  “While I pondered… over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore” is a suggestion by Poe that the narrator is researching the Dark Arts.  If you want to go further down this rabbit hole, the suggestion is that he’s researching the occult – possibly to get Lenore back. Instead of Lenore, the narrator gets The Raven.
Once it dawned on Micah that the narrator might be a magician, he wondered what might keep a magician trapped in the room with The Raven – why doesn’t he just leave?  Then, it dawned on him – the one thing that is most famous for trapping a magician, is a straight jacket.  This cast a completely different light on the material – if he’s in a straight jacket, he is probably also insane. Losing someone you love can sometimes drive you mad with grief. This, arguably, happened to the character in The Raven.
You can find Micah around town in immersive theater, escape rooms, at iFly, at Sky Zone, at the gym, and of course, at the Magic Castle.  He swing dances when he can & performs, whenever he is able to, for the Queen Mary, Beetle House and Cafe 50’s (on Santa Monica Blvd).  He is also the Resident Magician for Shriners Hospital.
If you’d like to hire Micah for a private event, email  micahthemagician@yahoo.com with your first name, your last name, the date, time, location, & budget of the event. Be sure to include what you would like him to do. He offers different services with different packages and prices. Micah is accommodating and is happy to work with clients to give them the best event possible. He is a treasure.

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