HULU: RIP Watch List

Published on Patreon: Jul 19 at 7:00pm
Hulu is a streaming service that was created 10 years ago in 2007. As everything tech does, Hulu got an update recently. It was my intention to write about the delightful programing and what I enjoy about it. That is not what this is going to be about. As we age, things that are new frighten us, confuse us, and make us angry. Our lack of understanding gets the best of us. I think this may just be the case.

See, I used to enjoy Hulu very much. Every day I would come home and see what new movie trailers were out before catching up with my just uploaded daily . I had a schedule. Fridays I would watch Grey’s Anatomy, Sundays I would catch up on Emerald City, Etc. Now, well, there are no more movie trailers posted. If I want to see movie trailers, I must go to YouTube and type in different search variations to see what pops up then scroll through upload dates and video photo to guess if I have seen it and this is someone else re uploading the same content. Then there are the many “trailers” that are people – not movie trailers- dissecting movie trailers – this annoys me.

Sure, Hulu has original shows like Casual and The Handmaid’s Tale, but it is no longer the app I look forward to using. I use it a couple of times a week, but not every day. It is no longer an everyday app. In trying to become personal, it became a nuisance. If you have Hulu you know what I am talking about. If you do not have Hulu, you may just come to enjoy it very much. As for me, I may just wait until the yet to be released season has its finale episodes up before I go through it. I can do it, there are more streaming sites out there.


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