Questions answered by Ruth

What is the origin of the name?

My partner’s last name is “Lobato.” Back when MYSPACE was big, he used the tag “Lobotomy,” making him Mr. Lobotomy. I, in recent years, took to using his old user moniker – it was appropriate. I wanted to change the way that people see things – I still want this. The name is apt.

Why are your cards silvery?

Have you heard the phrase “Not all that glitters is gold.”? It means that not everything that looks valuable is valuable. Well, not everything that isn’t gold is invaluable. Silver, much like gold, is valuable - though even a shiny glass bead can be a treasure. Also, I prefer silver to gold.

Who does your graphics?

I do.

Can we hang out?

Of course! Keep an eye out for standup comedy ticket sales.

What does this magazine contain?

L.M.L.’s contains writing and pictures.

How accurate is the information in this thing?

Everything is fact checked. Mind you, just about everything is filtered through a lens skewed by how I or my team see the world.

This still doesn’t explain what the magazine contains.

You’ll get exclusive interviews & find out about neat little places around Los Angeles. Some of the things you’ll find here include (but are not limited to): A dedication, information about the cover, a band, a traditional novel, a graphic novel/manga/comic book, a video game, a show that is off the air, a show that is ending/should end, an ongoing show, a museum, a theatre production, a piece about etiquette, a piece on clothing, an eatery, a dessert place, a special event (month appropriate), a performer, a venue/location, transportation, comedy/comedian, BDSM shop/topic, Adult toy store, Film Calendar, Life skills/adulting, final arrangements, event calendar, brief history calendar, & a short comic strip section. Sometimes there will be a theme, like this month’s theme is Pleasure & Love. ‘Tis the season for giving, right?

Why are you writing about these things?

I think they are neat, so they are worthwhile. Mind you, this is not because I think highly of myself, but because a lot of things hold no interest for me. If I find it interesting, I am sure other people will too – being part of fandoms has taught me this.

Who is your audience?

I know there are people out there who are like me. This is for them. I know there are even more people out there that are not like me than those who are like me. This is for them as well.

What does that mean?

Not everyone has the chance to go out and explore the city or expand on what they know, so why not have interesting things brought to their attention – from the comfort of their own choosing. Just because you can’t attend something or haven’t heard about something, doesn’t mean you don’t want to read about it.

How do I help the magazine keep going?

As the magazine is available online for free, you can check out other things on the website and I will add a venmo button soon.

I want more than some writing; will you make videos?

I’d love to take you along on my little adventures. If you don’t mind low resolution stuff, check out my Instagram. Ruth is currently working on a film project. To find out more, click the film tab at the top of the page.

Can I help speed up the video process?

Yes! You can contribute $ via patreon or paypal. Email for paypal information.