Crunchyroll Con: On Making New Friends

I made a number of new friends. I haven’t had a con experience like this in quite a while. I chalk making so many new friends up to 1. Being out of town, 2. Attending a new Convention (as in brand spanking new to everyone), 3. Having no other plans but the convention experience.

This is the first time I have attended a convention and not had other pressing things going on. I usually attend conventions I can easily commute to from home. I’m only ever just an hour or so away (in LA an hour driving is not the same as an hour drive up to Santa Clara). This year, my job accommodated my trip, my boss encouraged my trip, my parents wished me safe travels, my partner wished me safe travels, and my friends wished me safe travels. This is the first time all of this has happened.

One time, I had to go to work and I wanted to go to the con, so I got about 8 hours (total) of sleep on a bed over a 4 day period – my crash on day 5 was hard, I slept through into the following day. My boss didn’t let me call off and I couldn’t just NOT go, I had spent my money on the ticket and there were no refunds. I commuted on the bus and napped on my way to and from home. I made it through that con on adrenaline and food.

On day 1 of Crunchyroll con, I left our hotel at about 10:30 am & made it back to the hotel a bit before 2 am on day 2. I woke up at 7am on day 2 and was having breakfast with a friend I made on day 1, by 8 am. By 9 am we were back at the convention. I left the convention by 10:45 am and we were on the road by noon back to Los Angeles.

I met most every new friend in line. It wasn’t too long a wait for most things (just the Caitlin Glass autograph – worth it though!) for me, but I did stand in many lines. There was no con drama (no one calling at 3am angry because I made new friends or “ditched them” – when we got separated in the crowd.) & the crowds were fairly small. There is a young man I made Facebook friends with who, funnily enough, used to work for Facebook. I saw around all day on Day 1 & by the evening of Day 1, I was compelled to approach him. I didn’t recognize his cosplay, but it seemed slightly familiar. Turns out, he was cosplaying a character from Hunter x Hunter, a show I have started but have not gotten very far into. It is a show that doesn’t compel me to binge it. His cosplay made me want to watch Hunter x Hunter more often though.

So, I basically made friends by talking to strangers who seemed interested in things that I, too, am interested in. In other words, I did what I always do.

Best part was ending the night with Cards Against Humanity. Oh, right…Danny, if you are reading this…I found your cards against Humanity.

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