Crunchyroll Con 2017: Adventure to Santa Clara: The Drive

I headed out to pick up Heather from Monterey Park after I filled up my Gas tank. Traffic to Hollywood was a bit fuller than I expected (due to a couple of accidents), but I made it! We both packed light (just 1 backpack & 1 extra bag each). We made a quick stop at the Magic castle to drop off a package for a friend, then off we went on the 5 North.

This was my first time driving out of L.A.. I’ve gone out of town before, but I have been a passenger – in a car, on a train, or on a plane. I was in the driver seat and let me tell you, it was thrilling. I am so used to the city. On our drive there were long stretches of nothing. I was grateful that I was encouraged to get gas at half tank. We didn’t pass many gas stations on our way up – and boy am I glad we didn’t break down on the side of the road.

A friend I made at Crunchyroll Con (CRX), who will remain nameless, broke down a couple of times. He was lucky enough to get some help, but, at one point, had to walk over 2 miles. He also had spotty reception on the way up to Santa Clara (as did we), so that was not helpful to him at all.

Lesson of the drive? Carry a small gas tank in your trunk, just in case. Try to travel with a buddy. Be sure to take breaks to stretch your legs and get food. If possible, drive and be fed to get better travel time, be considerate of your passenger/s, be sure you’re air conditioner is in working order if you are going long distance in high temperatures, make sure your tires aren’t on their last legs, make sure your car is in fit working order, carry snacks, be sure to eat a banana a day for sore muscles. If you must pull over on the freeway, do so off to the right side & be sure to carry an emergency car kit in your car.

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