Published on Patreon on: Jul 19 at 7:30pm
Fanfiction is something written by fans for fans. Imagine reading the story you enjoyed with slightly altered characters or the same characters in different situations.

There are many ways to find good fanfiction. The first thing you want to do is pick a type. There are 9 types of basic fanfiction to choose from. Then there are 9 cross over options for the same 9 types, giving you 18 types. Now, of those 18 types, you will find that you have yet to pick two different “universes” to crossover. A crossover example would be “Harry Potter * Stargate.” This would be either film Harry Potter universe and t.v. Show crossover or Harry Potter book universe with Stargate t.v. show crossover.

There are over 41,490 Harry Potter Fanfiction stories available. Of these, you then click on more customizable settings (out pops a list of things non Harry Potter like Doctor Who- about 1,168 stories, How I met your Mother—4 stories, Beast Master-1 story, etc). From there, you have different types of filters. You can include and exclude pairings, you can have two genres, you can filter by language, and you can choose from ratings K – M (for more on ratings and fanfiction disambiguation, refresh this later today).

My favorite way to find fanfiction is to filter through “most comments” & “most favorites”. People usually write comments when they love something and when something is horrible. You can ell when something is written well.

Sometimes I read ongoing fics, but they leave me in anticipation of when the next chapter will be posted. For example, there is a fic I am following that hasn’t updated since January (The Savior, Child of the Tardis, Son of a Madman by Kuroi In a Black Hole), a few that will never be updates again because they have been abandoned, and one that will never be  completed because the author died.

Each story you read give you a little look inside of someone’s head. Things you find interesting help you connect with these people you have never met. These “likes” give you common ground. I have read a ton of  fanfiction over the years. Some I have read simply because I enjoyed one of the author’s stories.  I have then gone through the rest of the things they have written only to then go through their favorites list & so on.

You will find, that certain stories will continue to pop up. When a story that seems uninteresting to you continues to pop up in lists, you will  look. Sometimes you regret not having read the fic before.

This month’s recommend list:

1. Jamie Evans and Fate’s Fool by Mad Mad Reviewer

Rated M

Favorite of 2, 000 + people

Over 900 people follow

Adventure & Family

12 Chapters


This is a fic that starts with a believable cannon Harry and quickly turns to a time travel fem Harry with technical heterosexual pairing.

2. Lily and the Art of Being Sisyphus by The Carnivorous Muffin

Rated T

Favorite of 4,000 + people

Over 5,000 + people follow

Humor & Fantasy

46 Chapters

Work In Progress

Last updated July 12, 2017

This is a fem Harry with God like powers, time travel, and many little side stories.

3. The Difference Once Man Can Make

Rated M

Favorite of 8,000 + people

Over 9,000 people follow


20 Chapters

Work In Progress

Last Updated February 1, 2017

Harry Potter & Game of Thrones crossover.