Film: American Satan (2017): PERCEPTION IS NOT REALITY

Go in to the film with an open mind and understand that it is a work of fiction.
American Satan (the movie) was well directed and has a stellar cast. The actors are professionals who have a passion for their craft (& it shows). The whole team put in a lot of hard work – from pre-production to post production.
The film uses  perceived ideologies about Satan and does not include facts about Satanism as a religion (The Church of Satan).
The film revolves around a fictitious band: The Relentless. The film uses occult icons (such as Baphomet – calling him “The Devil”), easily understood hedonism (drugs, sex, doing whatever you want – to excess), and fanaticism (found almost everywhere – do not make me cite real world examples) to get the point across about the fictitious band. The film was shot on location on the Hollywood Strip.
If this is your first venture into Satanism, rock and Roll, the alternative scene, or Hollywood, you’ll get a bad impression, especially if you are a closed minded Catholic, Christian, or Orthodox anything.
The film is now in theatres around the globe, click here to see where.

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