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On this site, you'll find information about Little Miss Lobotomy's. You'll also find links to the Little Miss Lobotomy social media pages, the Little miss Lobotomy patreon, & the first issue of Little Miss Lobotomy.

The blog should be back up by 12.2.2017

Our Approach

We see the state of the world and see that there is beauty and love and wonder out in it, still. You will not find news pieces here. The theme of the magazine is "something cool," as defined by the editor-in-chief, Ruth. If you're interested in the alternative, you should check it out.

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This website is available ad free and without a subscription due to patrons on Patreon. Become a Patron for as little as $1 & you will be entered into the end of month raffle!

Why Writing?

The editor-in-chief found herself unable to affect the physical world due to an accident. She started writing to cope with her limited mobility. She has slowly regained her mobility & realized that writing has not been for only her benefit.

Our editor-in-chief, Ruth, has branched out from blogging and started a magazine. The magazine is "Little Miss Lobotomy's." The November issue was the first issue (online), the December issue is the first printed issue. The 3rd issues might be 1st of the issues in the Library of Congress.

You mentioned a raffle?

Little Miss Lobotomy has a raffle once a month, with goodies valued at $30 or more for patrons on Patreon. During the month, there are sometimes little give aways for patrons.

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